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What's going on here??

Wait, so "LOL" has become so widely used that people not only use it in speech but then SPELL the pronunciation of it when going back online?!? I just saw someone use "lawl" instead of LOL. Seriously.


For the record, gory battles narrated by the voice from the Boar's Head commercials Do Not Work for me.

I now return to the 34-hours-prior-to-moving panic.

Mousetrap-style insanity!

The song is kinda boring, but the video...!!

On second thought, the stairs would probably drive me nuts. I'll take the $25,000,000 instead. But it sure looks lovely.

Littlest Fan?

Because Cliff is likely to say something about this one -- why, yes, Camryn and I *were* listening to The Velocitators' music when he got home from work last night -- and of course he got home in the middle of "Ag Field Day". But hey, she was fussing, and then one of their songs came on, and she stopped, so we listened (and she "danced") to his stuff for a while -- she really seemed to like "Chupacabra" and "Sometimes I Get So Mad".


Practicing sleep-deprivation


Not that I had any reason to expect I'd fail, but I got a call from the doctor's office letting me know I passed yesterday's glucose test with flying colors. And I STILL might have to take another one anyway.

The phone call terrified me for a moment -- usually they only call with bad news. But I'm really, really glad it wasn't.


Cliff needs to re-learn to sleep on his side of the bed, dammit. And keep his elbows to himself. And rehydrate so he doesn't snore. And the cat needs to leave us alone in the middle of the night. And I need to do something about the temperature in the room if it's too hot for me to get comfortable.


In spite of two nights of not getting enough sleep, my brain is busy. Had lunch and interesting conversation with bensong1 today, which has prompted some of it. Now if only I could prompt myself into doing some of the laundry I need to do...

Boys with toys

Hey! Did you know the National Power Boat Association's New York City Powerboat Poker Run 2009 is happening today?

We didn't either, until a whole ton of powerboats roared past a couple of hours ago, apparently on their way from the marina to the GWB. I felt bad for the poor lone sailboat out there...

Blast from the past

I dare you to not to find at least one game in here you loved -- pretty much all the classics are here, from Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers to Tetris, Pong, Contra, Centipede, Frogger...
Well, I don't know about HIM, but this (or something like it) is what I want done with mine. Preferably somewhere warm, like near Florida.

Seriously. What a wonderful idea.